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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Best Quality Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
with advanced manufacturing Process
by A-Flex.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Being a pioneer in Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing, A Flex is able to meet all their clients' requirements as per the specific parameters. Our clients consider A Flex as their one-stop source for PCB Manufacturing services, flexible printed circuit and pcb assembly equipment that enable them to shorten the time required to develop new products and bring them to market. Our manufacturing devices are dedicated to implementing ongoing innovations in PCB technology to meet the challenge of unrelenting advances in electronic equipment performance. We remain committed to investing in the equipment and human talent required for ensuring that your designs translate into fully realized products.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Products with Steady Quality

We have the technological capabilities to produce most sophisticated and challenging PCB Manufacturing products quickly with consistent quality and service. Your PCB fabrications at prototype and production volumes can integrate superior materials, mixed constructions, high stack layers as well as other unique specifications. A-Flex meets your product cost, performance, overall quality and delivery expectations much better than any other PCB Layout Designer. We are known for making high reliability PCB assembly equipment on polyimide substrates using advanced manufacturing processes.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing with Strong Engineering Support

With A-Flex’s strong engineering support, we can provide assistance as well as unique solutions to complex design issues. We understand that production with quality and standards, keeping in mind cost friendly products are difficult but our aim is optimization of PCB manufacturing by improving the process productivity. Attention is focused on reducing tool path length and processing time. Over the years of experience we have learnt the most efficient and cost effective way of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing keeping the importance of quality products intact. With A-Flex, you have an experienced and knowledgeable PCB manufacturers, who puts your needs first and produce customized products as per required.

PCB Manufacturing With Tailor Made Design for Individual Customization

We at A-Flex, also take care to meet your individual requirements with PCB Manufacturing that are designed by you. Yes, we are equipped with PCB design software that enables you to design a PCB in just a matter of few minutes. This indeed makes customized PCB manufacturing cost effective and productive. With this software, you first have to draw board shape, place pads and footprints for components. Then you have to connect the pad graphically, which can be done by importing nets from our software or the logical connection tool or you may also just draw traces instead of real nets. It needs be mentioned here that the traces disappear as soon as you make real connections thus enabling you to create a flawless PCB design. Again if you decide to change the layout, the traces would guide you for a new pattern.

And the best part is that our PCB expert software would give alarm signs when you commit errors guiding you for a perfect PCB unit. Finally, our skilled and expert in-house engineers review the design and let you know if it is feasible from all angles. And your customized PCB unit is ready to meet your needs. Order this online, and wait till we ship it right to your doorstep.

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5 layers flexible circuit board
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