Cutting-Edge Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Services

Use of latest technology and processes ensure production of high performing reliable flexible and rigid PCBs.

Multifaceted Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Solutions

As a renowned PCB manufacturer, A-Flex specializes in designing and manufacturing standard and custom printed circuit boards that will elevate the functions of industrial equipment. We follow a meticulous process so that the delivered product will be of the best quality, and will optimize the application equipment

Comprehensive Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Solutions

We utilize a combination of cutting-edge design and manufacturing equipment, and a team of engineers who have immense experience with quick turn PCB production. Our manufacturing products and services include:

PCB Design Layout
Graphic 3D Model and Simulation
Circuit Board Manufacturing
Flexible Printed Circuits
Rigid Printed Circuits
PLCC Plugs

PCB Design Layout: We utilize the latest AutoCAD software to design and create standard and custom PCB layouts. The use of this software gives us the freedom to create the PCB in the shape, size, and complexity as per your requirements. We also utilize Graphic 3D Models and simulations to ensure that our design will perform at the expected efficiency.

Circuit Board Manufacturing: Our engineers have the necessary knowledge and experience to manufacture different types of PCBs, such as:

Quick Turn PCBs
Rigid Printed Circuits
Flexible Printed Circuits
Custom Printed Circuits
Standard Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

We utilize high grade materials like Aluminum, FR4, Polyimide, Rogers, and Rigid Cem-1. For custom PCBs, our designers work closely with clients to create PCBs that will meet application requirements.

Our engineers have made a reputation for providing quick turn PCBs in the shortest time durations. We accomplish this by regularly optimizing our production process, and reducing processing time. At A-Flex, all our printed circuit boards undergo rigorous testing and inspection before they are sent for delivery. Our PCBs adhere to the regulations laid down by IPC and ISO.

Our exceptional printed circuit board manufacturing allows us to meet the requirements of various industries including energy, security, electronics, automobiles, and telecommunication.

Manufacturing a Printed Circuit Board – Part I

Manufacturing a Printed Circuit Board – Part II

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