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Get perfection for your application – We help you to choose the right board components, conformal coating, and other raw materials.

PCB Assembly For Rigid PCB
For Flexible Printed Circuit
Hole Solder
SMT Solder

Comprehensive Solutions for your PCB Assembly Needs Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB ASSY) is as critical a process as circuit board manufacturing. We at A-Flex understand this point completely, and provide PCB assembly services to meet the varied needs of our customers. We have the capabilities of upgrading existing PCBs as well as assembling brand new components.

Our Service Offerings We provide effectual PCB ASSY and functional testing services. Our capabilities include SMT and PTH technologies, which allow us to provide assembly solutions for:

Rigid PCBs
Flexible Printed Circuits

Components on these circuit boards are fixed using the following processes:

Through Hole Solder
SMT and PTH Solder

We can even provide a combination of SMT and PTH assemblies for clients with custom PCB requirements. We are able to accomplish this by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Providing PCB Assembly Solutions using Cutting Edge Equipment Our engineers ensure that every step of the assembly process is meticulously followed and completed. The use of PCB ASSY equipment helps us maintain the level of quality and excellence expected by our customers.

Component Placement: We utilize pick and place machines to quickly and effectively place the components on the circuit board. Depending on the components and end use of the final product, we utilize either SMT or PTH technology for the placement process. Component Fixing: Metal molten solder is the material of choice for affixing the components on the circuit board. We utilize dual wave soldering machines for through hole as well as SMT PCBs. Industrial reflow ovens are used to heat the solder so that the components are permanently fixed to the board or pad. PCB Testing and Inspection: Our PCBs are manufactured within a stringent environmental production area. The assemblies are tested utilizing Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI), Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and even manual inspection if required by the client.

The perfect combination of advanced assembly equipment, and experienced and well-trained technical personnel allows us to deliver high grade PCBs to our customers.

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