Frequently Asked Questions

A-Flex is an industry-renowned expert in the manufacture of specialized printed circuit boards (PCB). We design and develop the PCBs as per client’s needs and demands. For your convenience, we have included some of the most common frequently asked questions regarding the fabrication, assembly and manufacture of PCBs:

Technical FAQs:

Do you provide custom designing assistance for PCB fabrication? Yes, our team of highly experienced engineers and designers is available to provide you with assistance regarding customized PCB fabrication. Our designers also take in to consideration the manufacturing process for designing a board and chalk out the PCB layout accordingly.

Which type of PCBs are designed and manufactured by A-Flex? We specialize in a wide range of PCB segments such as single-sided boards, double-sided boards, multi-layer boards, flexible circuit boards and rigid-flexible boards.

Will I get options of different equipment to choose from for the assembly of my PCB? Yes, at A-Flex we offer various comprehensive options of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly equipment for different types of printed circuit boards. Our wide range of assembly solutions is capable to meet the varying demands of Industrial as well as Embedded applications.

What is the use of PLCC plug? A-Flex is specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of PLCC plugs which are designed in order to serve as a connecting link between your PLCC production socket and your flexible printed circuit board.

General FAQs:

How soon can I expect a response for my quotation request? A-Flex is committed to provide timely service to its customers and we have a record of responding within 24 hours to the quotation requests. As soon as we receive your order, we will review the data packages.

How long has A-Flex been in the business of PCB designing and manufacturing? A-Flex, one of the pioneers in the manufacture of superior quality, high-end printed circuit boards, has been in the business since 1997. The company is a professional design group for flexible PCB, rigid PCB, and rigid flex PCB layout. We also specialize in PCB assembly equipment, engineering prototype and quick turn production.

How can A-Flex help me with maintaining my budget for PCB fabrication and manufacture? At A-Flex we keep our prices competitively low, thanks to all our in-house processes right from PCB layout to the production of the final board. We use the latest and most efficient manufacturing processes which will save your time as well as cost. We also provide feasible and budget-friendly bulk assembly options for printed circuit boards.

What can I do to avoid delay in SMT assembly of my printed circuit boards? In order to avoid delay in SMT assembly of your printed circuit board, make sure that you order the required SMT stencil.

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