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Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

manufactures high reliability flexible printed circuits on polyimide substrates using advanced manufacturing processes.

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Single Sided flexible circuit board Double Sided flexible circuit board 5 layers flexible circuit board Finished flexible printed circuit
Single-Sided Double-Sided 5 layers flex circuits Finished


   3 mil Polyester with 1 oz Copper
   2 mil Polyester with 1 oz Copper
   1 mil Polyimide with 1 oz or ½ oz Copper
   Special request is available
   Stiffener is available


   1 mil Polyimide with 1 oz Copper on both sides
   1 mil Polyimide with ½ oz Copper on both sides
   1 mil Polyimide with 1 oz or ½ oz Copper
   Special request is available
   Stiffener is available


   Thickness of Double-Sided : 0.2mm
   Smallest P.T.H. Hole : 0.2mm
   Line Width & Spacing : 6/4 mil


   Hot Air Leveling
   Ni Plating
   Au Plating

Flexible Circuit Boards and Flexible Printed Circuit

A-Flex is a premium PCB Manufacturer of flexible Printed Circuit known for quality products and fastest service. Our products include flexible circuit boards and flexible printed circuit. We offer various flexible circuit boards and flexible circuits to cater to the needs of our different customers. Our products range includes Single Sided Flexible Circuits, Double Sided Flexible Circuits, Multilayer Flexible Circuits and Finished Flexible Circuits .

The flexible circuit utility has increased and we provide low cost and highly effective circuit boards that result in quality performance. Flexible Printed Circuit are most commonly used in board-to-board, board-to-chip, and chip-to-chip connections in packages having limited space and stacked rigid boards, thus requiring three-dimensional connections. Our customers can be rest assured that they are dealing with the leading printed circuit board manufacturing organization who vouches for their standards and customer service.

Flexible Printed Circuit with Affordability and Efficiency

We have built a name in the industry and have set new standards with the help of our efficiency and affordability. We consider our employees and engineers as our assets who help us in providing our customers with specific and customized designs to suit their requirements. Our engineers are experienced in a wide variety of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards, rigid flex circuit design & assemblies and are diverse enough to take on any technical challenge. This also helps in improving our commitment to quality and cost effective solutions.

Flexible Printed Circuit with Ultimate Customer Satisfaction Features

Apart from being affordable and efficient, our flexible printed circuits offer a wide range of profits. And the very first among them is that A-Flex is known for providing customized designs to suit individual needs. Our customized designs have successfully helped in solving interconnection problems by enabling a package size reduction, and by making installation and repair both practical and cost effective. And the best part is that our flexible printed circuit boards can be tested prior to assembly of components to eliminate connectors and solder joints thus reducing costs.

Our Flex circuits are known to simplify system design as well as reduce the number of levels of interconnection required in an electronic package. We also score over wire harnesses to reduce weight and space problems. A-flex Flexible Printed Circuit is ideal for thermal management/high temperature applications for they are known to dissipate heat at a better rate. From an aesthetic point of view, flexible circuit boards improve the internal appearance of an electronic package. This goes a long way in making our products attractive to our clients.

Flexible Printed Circuit with High Productivity and Innovation Quotient

It's very crucial to cope up with the growing trend of technology. This helps in maintaining quality and being up to date. To manufacture Flexible Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuit and pcb assembly equipment we constantly upgrade our techniques to provide our customers with best products in the industry. Our customers rely on us for these aspects and have faith in our products. It's our endeavor to match with their confidence and offer necessary results.

Join hands with us and experience a refreshing change in your business and requirements on PCB Manufacturers Industry.

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Single Sided flexible circuit board
Double Sided flexible circuit board
5 layers flex circuits
5 layers flexible circuit board
Finished flexible printed circuit
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