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PCB Assembly

A-FLEX offers complete rigid PCB, Flexible Circuits, Thru Hole Solder, SMT Solder based solutions from initial design through circuit fabrication, high-level assembly and functional testing.

SMT PCB Assembly Equipment


    For Rigid PCB
    For Flexible Printed Circuit
    Thru Hole Solder
    SMT Solder
SMT PCB Assembly Equipment PCB Assembly Equipment
  For Rigid PCB For Flexible Printed Circuit

SMT PCB Assembly and PCB Assembly Equipment

A-Flex considers providing quality products and services to its customers as a mission and we have been succeeding in the mission for over 13 years. Our sole aim is to provide excellence and experience by utilizing the best possible technologies. We offer PCB Assembly Equipmen for SMT & Thru Hole technology in the electronics assembly industry. A-Flex also provides electronics assembly services, PCB layout designer and printed circuit board manufacturing services for your production needs.

Comprehensive Range for PCB Assembly Equipments

We provide a comprehensive line of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly equipments that satisfies the demands of most Industrial and Embedded applications. A Flex enables its customers to take advantage of the experience and commitment that only a long-time PCB Assembly Equipment producer can provide.

We have separate SMT consultants to facilitate our clients in choosing the right PCB Assembly equipment. Our SMT PCB Assembly consultants have worked extensively on various projects. We know the specific requirements for assembling electronics in many diverse environments. What makes us reliable for your PCB Assembly Equipments needs is the fact that we have quality certification and offer the prescribed tests and board inspection methods. Please note, however, that ICT testing requires additional time and cost to prepare suitable test fixtures. Also, make sure to order SMT stencil required for PCB assembly, when you order circuit boards to avoid all kinds of delay.

SMT PCB Assembly at Cost Friendly Price

The Electronic flexible printed circuit board assembly is evolving as new production technologies at a pocket friendly price. Generally, PCB is essential for the purpose of mechanical support of any type of electronics product. It is in the form of a card or a board which is constituted of thin metal or hard plastic commonly known as the insulator. It is used in the smallest device like the mobile to larger electronics devices like the computer and the television as well which has not been fitted with any component is called PCB as it is raw but when the electronics components are mounted it is called PCB assembly service. We are equipped with best PCB Assembly equipments to provide our clients world class products and services like our SMT PCB Assembly Equipment.

Ordering SMT PCB Assembly in bulk with us has many benefits. This is because at A-Flex, we make sure that the cost per board will decrease as quantity increases. And this is possible due to the fact that the setup cost of circuit board manufacturing and component assembly is fairly high. Even if you don’t order in bulk we make sure to cut your expenses by combining boards from our valued and loyal clientele. This way the setup cost would be distributed amongst several customers thus reducing cost. But unlike other vendors who take longer lead times for turning out your choicest SMT PCB Assembly Equipment, ours is delivered at guaranteed short time. This is due to our steady growth of our customers in the last few years. Order with us and enjoy the difference.

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