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Flexible Printed Circuit

pcb for Electronic circuit board
Single-Sided, Double-Sided, Multilayer, Finished  
The company manufactures design single-sided, double-sided, multilayer & Fini-shed
pcb layout designer
Rigid Boards

Printed Circuit Board with advanced manufacturing Process
Multilayer up to 12 Layers
Find a full range of Rigid Boards. A-Flex provide a higher component density and better quality

pcb layout service

Pcb for Flexible circuit board
For Rigid PCB For Flexible Circuits Thru Hole Solder SMT Solder
A-Flex Providing high-level assembly and functional testing.

pcb layout designer

PCB Manufacturers, PCB Layout Service and PCB Layout Designer

A-Flex provides a full range of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Services including layout designs among all the PCB manufacturers. We have reputable standards for acceptance and delivery which result in a fast design cycle. We are very flexible, easy to work with, and readily work within the customer's parameters and requirements. Due to the increase in the use of PCB layout services, count and packages, pcb layout designer are faced with enormous challenges to produce a layout that meets the engineering characteristics.

Best Results for PCB Layout Service

Our in-house software tools enable us to provide you with the upgraded and updated PCB layout results. These in turn effectively and efficiently help to design a PCB and generate the necessary files to manufacture the board. We also provide you with our recommendations to optimize your products and enhance the overall performance. In fact our designers always take into consideration the manufacturing process when designing a board, which is pre requisite of the PCB design process. Our preliminary PCB layout check list will help you to identify these basic layout requirements. Our exceptional service will benefit you in more ways than you may realize.

PCB Layout Designer as Individual Service

A-Flex provides PCB layout designer and developer for digital and analog circuits as an individual service. The PCB Design Service is and integral part of our End-to-End electronic manufacturing services. Using our PCB Design Service, your functional requirements and specifications will be maintained from the design phase to the final product while you will benefit by our services in many ways. We offer comprehensive beginning-to-end service reducing our customer's cost structure and time to market.
Our PCB layout designer and PCB layout service expertise in different types of flexible printed circuit boards. PCB segments comprise of single-sided boards, double-sided boards, multi-layer boards, flexible circuit boards and rigid-flexible boards. Single-sided boards mount components on only one side of the substrate. Double-sided boards mount components on both sides. Multi-layer boards have three or more layers of printed circuits separated by laminated layers and bonded together with internal and external interconnections. Flexible PCBs are usually made of polyester or polyimide materials. They reduce the number of interconnects and are suitable for high-temperature applications. A-Flex is a leading PCB manufacturer who, keeps every aspect of pcb assembly equipment and printed circuit board manufacturing in mind to fulfill its varied customer demands.

A-flex: An Edge Above Other PCB Manufacturers

Over the last 13 years, And the reasons are many: we have provided more than a decade long of outstanding services in almost all kinds of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing. We are known for our quick turn projects which guarantee quality and value for money. Apart from that we have always strived for excellence with tailor made PCB Layout Services and products to meet our individual customer needs. Our PCB design takes into consideration factors like current flow, size of the circuit, and electromagnetic interference to specify track width and for overall quality. We also keep upgrading our software for better PCB design service whenever and wherever it is required. This gives our customer the much needed scope to excel better in the greater competitive market.
pcb layout services

Single Sided flexible circuit board
Double Sided Flexible Circuits for electronics in Santa Ana, CA
5 layers flex circuits
Multilayer Flexible Circuits for Printed Circuit Board by A-Flex, Inc
Affordable Finished Flexible Circuits for Rigid Boards by A-Flex, Inc
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